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A photo of a New Jersey House Lift

NJ house raising is becoming a popular choice among homeowners on the Jersey Shore.  Every since Hurricane Sandy, homeowners are stuck between a rock and a hard place when it comes to their options regarding waterfront property.

When your options are to either move away from the beloved Jersey Shore, or pay an insane amount in flood insurance, the 3rd option of raising a home is much more attractive.  There is a great article here all about house raising.

Contractors are coming out of the woodwork, so you need to be careful when evaluating your options.  Interview every contractor you are considering thoroughly and ask for references, references, and MORE REFERENCES! Look at this article on Press of Atlantic City.

Some of these so called house raising experts are really home builders jumping on the house raising bandwagon.  Most of them lack the proper insurance to cover a house raise if you ended up being the receiver of a botched  house raise.

Some of the most qualified companies to perform a NJ house lift are those who have been in the house moving business for years.  These companies are familiar with the process required to raise a home with minimal damage since they need to do it on a regular basis to load houses onto trucks.  The skill set required to raise a home versus the one needed to build a home are vastly different!

Lifting NJ House

Lifting NJ House

Be sure to check the FEMA website often.  Guidelines for house raising are constantly changing.  Talk to your community leaders.  Make sure you are up to date on the latest zoning requirements.  Keep in mind, it wouldn’t hurt to do more than the minimum requirements.  If you raiser higher than necessary and builder sturdier than your neighbor, your house will not only be a safer place for you and your family, but will also help resale value in the event you want to sell at some point in the future.

Talk to neighbors and look around online for forums and discussion groups related to house raising.  The more connections you can make with other individuals in a similar predicament, the better chances you have of seeking out the right person for the job.

If your home suffered major water damage, you may also need a mold remediation specialist in addition to house raising services.  There are companies that offer a full suite of services… Everything from mold remediation, to foundation repair and house lifting.  Just be sure to do the research necessary to confirm you are dealing with a legitimate industry expert, and not a middle-man that is really just a good marketer.


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