Simple Ways To Protect Your Home From Mother Nature

When it comes to your home’s most deadly enemies, the worst of them are not rambunctious children, angry neighbors or even hungry termites. It’s Mother Nature. Just ask anyone on the East Coast who lived through Hurricane Sandy in 2012.

The bad news is, if Mother Nature wants to wreak some havoc, there is little that can stop her. The good news, however, is that there are measures you can take to ensure your house is better equipped to withstand whatever Mother Nature intends to throw at it. Here are a few ideas, broken down by the type of weather event:


Thankfully, hail is not something most of those living in New Jersey and the surrounding region are going to encounter all that often. If the area gets one hail storm a year it’s a lot, and they tend to be brief and minor. A bad hailstorm, however, can do a lot of damage to your cars and home. Normal hail is as small as a pea, but hailstones can get astonishingly large – sometimes as large as softballs!

To better protect your home, draw your blinds or shades during a hailstorm. This will protect your home’s interior in the case of a broken window. Pull your vehicles in a garage if possible. Finally, yard furniture should be stored away if you know the storm is coming, as those hailstones can do a lot of damage.


Whether it’s from hurricane swells, tidal flooding along the coast, or inland flooding thanks to excessive rains, there are few things that can do more damage to your home than flooding. In minor cases, you’ll “only” be facing thousands in damage and many lost personal possessions. In bad cases, your home may be a total loss.

The good news is that flooding is fairly easy to address these days, thanks to house raising in New Jersey. By lifting a structure onto a higher foundation, NJ house lifting can put a house above typical flood levels. That means in most cases, even bad flooding won’t touch your home’s interior. Lift high enough, and even the storm of the century would have a hard time doing you damage. No wonder there are few home improvement projects more common these days than house lifting in NJ.


We don’t tend to give lightning much thought. It’s just a cool looking, sometimes scary thing that happens in the sky, lighting up the night and scaring the dog. It’s important to realize, however, that lightning can do damage to your home. Namely, a strike can spark a fire and/or burn out all your electronics.

Protection from lightning strikes is easy, thankfully. Lightning rod technology has been around for hundreds of years. It’s simple, it’s effective, and it doesn’t cost much to install. If you live in an area prone to getting a lot of lightning storms, ensure your home has lightning rods!

Snow & Ice

When the deep cold of winter hits, no amount of lightning rods or NJ house raising projects will protect your home from the cold. And that cold can do some damage, freezing pipes, cracking windows and causing other issues.

When the temperature dips well below freezing, remember to turn off outside faucets and sprinkler systems. Be sure to insulate exposed pipes, and get your home’s furnace inspected to ensure it’s ready for the winter.

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